Orange and White

Lilah Craig

Lilah Craig, Staff Writer

Lilah Craig is a THS senior. This year is her second year of journalism. She's active in band/colorguard, 4H, student council, NHS, and she shows cattle and does commercial steers at HLSR.

She plans on attending school in College Station after high school. She plans to work towards graduating with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology in order to transfer to a chiropractic college to become a chiropractor. 

Lilah loves spending time with friends and family, watching movies, partner and line dancing, and meeting new people. She hopes journalism will continue to improve her writing skills and prepare her for different essay formats she'll expect to see in college.

Lilah's saving grace in quarantine was Tiktok and Netflix, and she watched so many documentaries over the break! 

Lilah also loves how journalism challenges her writing ability, and allows her to get used to writing for other people. She says being in yearbook definitely made her want to be a part of the journalism staff; her work in journalism also helped her become the yearbook's caption editor in her junior year. Both classes go hand in hand, so they for sure compliment each other!

Lilah's favorite style of face mask is a tie-dye mask that she absolutely loves wearing on fun days! If not that mask, she says, she usually wears a black polka-dotted white mask daily.

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