Orange and White

Mychal Shed
You see this guy right here? His name is Mychal Shed, a senior at Teague High School. He is involved in almost everything there is to be involved in; we are talking National Honor Society Officer, Hispanic Honor Society Member, Student Advisory Member, Student Council President, Class Officer, and he even plays varsity basketball and runs track! Mychal is just like any other high schooler though when it comes to his hobbies and things to do on his downtime. For instance, he loves listening to music (particularly J.Cole like 24/7) and enjoys hanging out with his friends whenever he gets the chance. Mr. Shed also loves basketball, that might even be a slight understatement, but it’ll have to suffice for right now. He even stated once, “If I could live in the gym and still have good meals, a nice shower, and comfortable bed… nothing would stop me from doing that.” However, he wouldn’t quite possess these necessities so as of now he is still living at home with his parents. I hope you got to know Mychal a little better with this, but if not he is a very friendly person who would love to make new friends, so don’t be afraid to go meet him! 

Mychal Shed, Staff Writer

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