Vaping: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Vaping: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Lilly Preat, Staff Writer

Though the Great American Smokeout, which is held every November, has already passed, vaping among Teague high school students is an ongoing problem, and education about the harm it causes is still necessary all year long. Students at THS are able to get information on this topic from the school’s very own superhero: Nurse Sabrina Gauntt. 

Vaping is not cool.

There are teens all around the world that are being peer pressured into trying things that are bad for their health, vaping being at the top of the list. “Students are vaping because it is a social thing, and they are trying to fit in,” Gauntt says.

Vaping is bad for your health.

Not only is underage vaping illegal, vaping causes a lot of harm to your psychological health because your brain is not fully developed in your high school years. Gauntt was able to give details on some of the harms that vaping causes. She says, “It is high in nicotine, and because children’s brains aren’t developed it gives them a high. Vaping causes inflammation of your lungs, and can lead to other bad habits.”

With adults, a lot of people begin vaping to help them quit cigarettes, but Gauntt believes that neither is a good choice, since both contain harmful chemicals and are highly addictive. The law against adolescent vaping and smoking was made for a reason. If there are laws and regulations stating not to do something, it must be harmful.  Healthy self-respect dictates that these rules must be followed.  

What is a gateway drug?

A gateway drug is one that leads to other drugs which are more dangerous. Gauntt says that “vaping at such a young age can lead to other drugs, as well as alcohol abuse.” The best way to stop something is to never start – an individual may be doing something one day because their friend did it, and then the next day they may be continuing because they can’t stop. “Because the adolescent brain isn’t fully developed, vaping can turn to an addiction,” Gauntt explained. 

How to Quit

Since Gauntt is one of the many heroes here at Teague high school, it is her job to report things like vaping to the administration, and to help anyone interested through the necessary steps to quit vaping. She will do her best to educate anyone on the harmful effects of vaping. For immediate help, go to: This website guides those who wish to stop through steps, and walks them through things to help quit vaping.