School dress code is too restrictive

School dress code is too restrictive

Summer Marek, Staff Writer

We have dress code for a reason. It helps the school keep an orderly fashion so we can focus and work, but is the dress code a bit too restricting?

There are a lot of rules in the dress code that make sense, like the ones that regulate foul language and  tattoos being covered. However, there are also rules in the dress code that don’t make much sense, like hair length for boys and nose piercings aren’t allowed. How can it be distracting if a boy has long hair but not if a girl does? Also, why can we only have natural hair colors? If these things are really distracting, then they should be normalized so we can be around them more, since school is supposed to teach and prepare us for the real world. People in the real world will have their hair however they want, whether it be colorful or long. If we are taught that hair is distracting, then it will be hard to adjust to other circumstances and we will not be properly prepared for the world. Many of the schools around the area also have restricting dress codes that will also not fully prepare them for the world. 

Why can’t boys have long hair? How is colored hair distracting? Why can’t we wear as many earrings as we want, where we want? What is wrong with facial hair? Why can’t we wear what we feel most comfortable in, and what we think we can work best in? High school is difficult enough, students should at least be able to express themselves however makes them happy. We as people have the right to express ourselves how we see fit, not how a board of school administration see fit. How is it distracting for boys to have earrings but not girls? What is so wrong about having shoulders showing a little? Why can’t we wear tights? What is the difference between wearing hats every day and wearing hats only on Friday, when we have to pay a dollar to the school? We should not have to confine ourselves to someone else’s standards. How is never being exposed to these ‘distracting’ things going to help us in the future? Are they even really distracting at all, or is it just an excuse?

Such rules are unnecessary and prevent students from expressing themselves through their clothing. It sexualizes girls and leaves the boys with no room for creativity. Of course, even though the dress code is unfair and prevents us from expressing ourselves, we should still try to follow it and respect the rules. Many other school dress codes are even more strict than ours and though they should be changed too, we can acknowledge that the dress code could be more strict and unfair if the school board wanted to make it that way. So the real question we need to ask schools is, what is so wrong with students expressing themselves how they see fit and is it really okay to punish us for the way we express ourselves?