Book Review: Michael Vey Series


Summer Marek, Staff Writer

There are many students who don’t like to read or just don’t have the time, but our English classes require us to read throughout the year. So if we have to read, we might as well read something that will keep us interested. So which books should we read to accomplish that?

 The Michael Vey series by Richard Paul Evans is about a high school boy, Michael. Michael had a mostly normal life. He lived with his mother, as his father passed away when he was young. His best friend was Ostin, who is a borderline genius. He was bullied at school, but overall it was not bad for him.He was different than everyone else, and he knew it. Ever since he was born he has been able to electrocute people by touch. He keeps this a secret, but it doesn’t last. one day Taylor, the cheerleader he had a crush on, saw him use his powers. This led to the discovery that she also has powers. They want to find out if there are more like them, so with Ostin’s help they dig into the mystery and find that they were born in the same place around the same time. Soon they dig too deep and get caught in a war against great forces, but along the way, they gather great allies. But no war can be won without casualties. This book tells about a boy with a great destiny but also features the struggles of real-life problems. Michael also has Tourette’s syndrome and it shows how he struggles to save his friends while dealing with all of his own problems.  To me, this is one of the best series’ because it has so many different characters who are all relatable and have great personalities. There are a total of seven books in the series, The Prisoner of Cell 25, Rise of the Elgen, Battle of the Ampere, Hunt for Jade Dragon, Storm of Lightning, Fall of Hades, and The Final Spark, so you can start now and have something to read for a long time, but each book is different, taking place in many different settings like Idaho, California, the Amazon and many more. So before you decide you don’t like reading, try to find a book like Michael Vey. 

Michael is the kind of person who will sacrifice himself for his friends and family. He has always had a crush on Taylor, but has low self-esteem and says she’s out of his league. He is also the most powerful of the “Glows” (a Glow is what they call the kids with powers because they have a faint glow to their skin). He is also part of the Electroclan, which is what the main characters calls themselves. Taylor is a cheerleader who can ‘reboot’ people and read minds, and she is also part of the Electroclan. When she reboots people, they get confused and are more susceptible to suggestions.  She is also one of the Glows and the love interest of Michael. Two more characters, Jack and Wade, both started off as bullies. Then one day Micheal accidentally shocked them and they stopped messing with them. But soon Taylor was kidnapped and Jack was the only person Michael knew who could drive, so he asked him for help, so Jack and Wade obliged. At first, Wade and Jack were not really into the cause, but soon they were just as dedicated as Michael. It shows that they are both loyal and devoted people who just did not have very fortunate childhoods. Jack and Wade, however, do not have powers like the rest of the group.

The Michael Vey series has something for everyone, and everyone should give it a shot. If you do not like to read, give Michael Vey a try, you may be surprised at how invested you become.