Game Review: Europa Universalis 4


Matthew Cox, Staff Writer

Europa Universalis 4 is an acclaimed title in the history game genre, sitting alongside legends such as Hearts of Iron 4 and Crusader Kings 3. EU4 is a top-down strategy game where during the entire time you are looking at a map of the world, but you can’t see all of it until you discover it yourself. The game starts on the date 1444, right before the historic collapse of Byzantine Empire, war between France and England, and the fall of the Timurid Empire. Each nation is controlled by either a player or an AI. The AI in this game is on the smarter side, but can be easily exploited. AI tends to follow historical accuracy, but can go do something unconventional, like cause Portugal to conquer Spain, or make China become non-existent by the 16th century. One of the great selling factors of the game is the amount of outcomes there are. Many players of the game manage to log over 100 hours of the game because of the freedom that is given to the player. If the base game gets boring, then you can buy some of the many expansions, all of them combined is around $250, so there are plenty more things to do. The game also has the ability to send your end results to another game called Victoria 2, where you can continue your journey. If you download EU4 on Steam, you can download mods from their workshop. There are thousands of mods for the game and they all do very different things, such as add more nations, land change units, and even change the time.


If you are a fan of history, and enjoy feeling in control of the world in which you play, you will love EU4. It has the potential to be whatever you want. You can be historically accurate, or go off the wall and do something that would never be possible. With hundreds of hours of content in this game, there is something to enjoy for everyone.