Dear nurses…


Lilah Craig

Dear nurses, 


I want to start off by acknowledging how selfless, brave, and generous you are for wanting to become a nurse in the first place. It takes a special kind of person to willingly take care of the most difficult kind of people in the world, that being those that are sick and ill. 


For the nurses who are just starting… don’t quit. With almost every adult female figure in my family being a nurse or something in the medical field, I have seen the struggles you had to endure through clinicals and nursing school. After all the late night studying and early morning internships, you made it through and finally get to do what you planned on after graduation! Or at least that is what you had hoped for. It has to be scary being an amateur nurse in the midst of a pandemic, right? No professor, book, or lecture could have ever prepared you for what was to come. But yet, you power through. 


For the nurses who have seen a thing or two and been a part of the medical community before Corona Virus came around… keep going. No matter how long you have been a nurse, a pandemic is a pandemic. It is still scary. You experience those same hardships, and I can’t say that you were prepared for this either. However, as your years on the job have taught you before, when you think you’ve seen about the craziest thing imaginable, something else comes along. Y’all are professionals at acting nonchalant and staying focused on the needs of your patients! It takes a lot of brain power to do that. But yet, you power through. 


COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. With no vaccine or medication, the virus can be unpredictable. Anyone treating it like a joke is a fool. It is scary. For you, however, it is much scarier. Like I said before, as of right now, it has no “cure.” Therefore, you are at constant risk at work: exposure to the virus, taking care of the patients who may or may not have it, and only being able to treat their symptoms with what you were taught to do. Then after work, you get to go home. Or not. Many of you can’t go home in fear of bringing your loved ones what you have been around. So you’re scared, high risk for infection, and now you can’t even see your family. But yet, you power through.


It isn’t easy being a nurse, so thank you for being one. Thank you for risking your life to keep our’s safe. Thank you for working overtime. Thank you for keeping the sick comfortable. Thank you for healing. Thank you for taking extra efforts to keep the public out of danger. Thank you. I see you struggling and working hard, and I want you to know that I appreciate you. Keep powering through. 



Lilah Craig