A Quaran(teen)

How COVID-19 Really Affects Us

A Quaran(teen)

Diana Castaneda

It has been a while since most of us, teens, have been able to see our family and friends. Due to the coronavirus, the United States has been quarantined, meaning all of our schools are closed, shops, gyms, movie theaters and basically everything else is closed except drive -thru restaurants and grocery stores. It is unbelievable how bad this virus has been blown out of proportion within a matter of weeks.

As a teen, I have not been affected physically, but I can speak for most when I say we have all been affected mentally by the virus. Now with school having to be online, It has become stressful as a student to work a lot more hours during this pandemic and having to manage online work. Although I am only a junior in high school, this virus has taken my sports seasons I had coming up, my preparation for my AP exams, my junior prom, my motivation to do anything at all, and my sleeping schedule. I honestly just miss school because at least then I was organized with my work and I was actually learning what I needed to. 

However, quarantine has had its benefits with giving me extra time with my little sisters, who I rarely got to see when I was at school or work.  Aside from seeing my little sisters more, I have had a lot more time to think positively and negatively about this whole situation. In spite of the fact that the virus is most likely to affect the older ones, my concern still goes out to the young adults and teens because we are the only ones not listening to the government rules about staying at home. The more that we go out, the more rules will be enforced until our country eventually goes into lock-down.

Overall, this virus has had a two way impact on me, both being good and bad. I am not mad or sad, I am just stressed. I hope people will start obeying government rules so others can begin recovering. This way, quarantine will eventually end and we can all get back to our normal lives but for now, this is our new normal and we have to make the best of it.