Seniors Sick of Quarantine


Sydney Smith

With the quarantine and school being shut down, many things have been affected greatly. A group of people it has affected greatly is our seniors, and every other high school and college senior around the world. All the seniors have had different thoughts about the situation.

“It is affecting me both positively and negatively. Positive: I get to get more experience in my career as a funeral director, and work to gain more money for college at my 3 jobs. Negative: I miss my class, and especially my Ag teachers. It is no fun being away from all of my friends,” senior Jordan Dazey said. 

Some seniors have been able to find positives and negatives. But, for some seniors, this quarantine has been a lesson in reliving memories and being grateful for what we have. 

“This quarantine has been a real eye-opener for me as a senior. I realize that not everything is guaranteed, and we need to enjoy the moments that we have. I would love for all of this to be over so I could have my normal senior activities back,” senior Megan Holmes said. 

Not all seniors have been okay about this quarantine. In fact, some have been upset that they are missing out on all the best senior memories. 

“It has made me very upset because I don’t get to spend the last few months of my senior year how I expected. I’m hoping every day we go back soon,” senior Francisca Gomez said. 

To all the seniors, this is not how we expected graduation year to be. All we can do now is pray that we’ll get to be able to have prom and graduation; that we can be together one last time as the Class of 2020 and finish our senior year strong.