Your new quarantine to-do list

Your new quarantine to-do list

Although practicing self-quarantine as much as possible is crucial during a global health pandemic, it can be difficult to find ways to pass the time while you’re cooped up in the house. My days have consisted of going to work, coming home and doing my online school work, and then coming up with something to occupy myself and of course to add to this list. I picked my favorites and weeded out the activities that turned out to be not-so-funĀ  (you’re welcome). The following activities will keep you busy, entertained, and sane for the remainder of your quarantine:

Clean out your closet

Reorganizing your clothes and shoes will take up plenty of time and can be a great stress reliever. Put clothes that you don’t wear anymore in a bag or box to be donated or sold.

Bake a challenging recipe

It’s always fun to bake a cake from scratch. Try searching for a two-tier or fun shaped cake recipe that you’ve never made before. Maybe you’ll find a new hobby!

Read a book

We all have that one book that’s been sitting on our shelf unopened for far too long. You thought it sounded interesting, and then never got around to reading it. What better time than now?

Have a movie marathon

Rewatch a childhood favorite series, or watch a series you’ve never seen before. There’s plenty of Harry Potter and Star Wars movies to last you for weeks.

Paint a masterpiece

Browse Google Images or Pinterest to find easy painting ideas. Painting is therapeutic, and it is especially good at calming anxiety. It may not be a masterpiece your first try, but art is art. Be proud of what you create!

Rearrange your room

I like to call this one, “Controlling what you can when things feel out of control”. I’m notorious for rearranging my room when I feel like I need a change. It’s always fun, and it can make a boring space feel new and fresh.

Learn to hand crochet

I’ve been wanting to learn how to hand crochet for the longest time! You can teach yourself to hand crochet by watching youtube videos. It’s really not hard at all once you get it down, and all you need is some chunky yarn and, obviously, your hands.

Search for new music and create playlists

I’ve always been passionate about music, and I think that most people are in their own way. Using your preferred streaming service, search for some new music and create brand new playlists based on moods, seasons, genres, etc. some streaming platforms also allow you to collaborate with friends on a playlist, meaning that you can both add music to one place.

Group facetime friends and family

Group facetime has been my saving grace when it comes to missing my friends. It really makes a difference when you’re not only able to talk to someone you miss over the phone, but see their face as well. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can download the Zoom app for free, which is just another version of video chatting.

Take a walk

During a time like this, it’s important to remember to get some fresh air and exercise each day. Take a walk around your neighborhood by yourself or with your family. But remember–steer clear of touching surfaces and keep your distance from others.

Put together a puzzle

Puzzles of all sizes are a great way to pass time. They’re thought-provoking, fun, and can take up your entire day.

Start a garden

Gardening can also be a therapeutic and anxiety-relieving activity. It can also provide you with some physical activity for the day. Not to mention, you can spruce up your yard with pretty flowers or even grow some fresh vegetables.

Write a letter to your future self

This one is a little cheesy, but I think it could be especially interesting to write a letter to yourself during the pandemic. We’re living through an event that our grandchildren will read about in textbooks. It could be interesting for us to have personal documentation about our experiences during the COVID pandemic.

Call your grandparents

Hopefully, your grandparents or other high-risk family members are taking self-quarantine even more seriously than you are. Don’t forget to call and check in with them! They miss you.

Create an after-quarantine bucket list

Once you complete this list, you can move on to the next one! Make a list of all the things you want to do when the pandemic is over. Include things that you’ve had to miss out on, things that you wish you could be doing, and throw in some life goals.

Have fun, and stay safe!