Theatre prepares for OAP district competition

Theatre prepares for OAP district competition

Lilah Craig, Staff Writer

As one act play district competition approaches, our high school thespians have been preparing to perform “A Girl Called Opal.” The performance will take place March 5th at 11 A.M. in the auditorium. 

 After countless rehearsals, run-throughs, and after-school hours dedicated to perfecting the play, anticipation increases as competition day gets closer for the entire ensemble. The cast and crew have been hard at work over the past few months leading up to this point. 

“We’ve been going over our lines and running through the play several times throughout the day. Sometimes we stay during fifth period all the way through RTI,” senior cast member Jahden Busby said. 

Similarly to every other extracurricular activity, it is hard to gather all participating students in one place at the same time due to busy schedules and other extracurricular events. With most of the ensemble members being highly active students in multiple organizations, rehearsal times posed a challenge. 

“There have been a few times when it was difficult because many people were out doing other things, so let’s just say it was very important we had our role down or having your part recasted was a possibility,” senior cast member Kolby Kennedy said. 

Despite slight obstacles, the ensemble has worked together to put on a great production. The cast members assist one another in helping bring their characters’ out to allow the audience to understand their characters. With helping each other out and spending a lot of extra time together, the ensemble has become quite close.

“I love working with all the cast and Mrs.Taylor! This year has just brought me closer to my friends,” junior cast member Aiden Kyle said. 

As it is the last year to compete for some of the seniors who have participated in One Act Play before, they are truly cherishing these last moments of their high school theater careers. Senior cast members Jenna Isbell and Kolby Kennedy have been apart of OAP for a number of years. However, they both participated in the behind-the-scenes work. Isbell has been stage manager and Kennedy has worked the lights and sound board in the past. 

“I have always been in theater but I always stuck to the technical side of things. However, this year I am acting, which gave me a whole new perspective,” Kennedy said. 

With new talent coming in and old talent being used in different places, they all share the same love for OAP and what it has done for them this year. The entire cast and crew hold a deep appreciation for one another after all of their time spent together. 

“Every single one of you are great and amazing. You’ve made one act play so fun and entertaining, yet informative and educational. I appreciate you all,” Busby said addressing the rest of the cast and crew members.