Singing is her Destiny: Meet Mrs. Black


Griffin Prince, Editor

From teaching many math classes to being the senior class sponsor, Mrs. Destiny Black is truly a jack of all trades. One of her hidden talents is her innate singing skills. She is going to be using her skill to compete in a competition on February 29, held by Navarro College to raise money for scholarships.

I was asked by the dean of Navarro College South Mexia, Christina Mims, if I would be willing to participate and I agreed,” Mrs. Black said. “She and I have known each other for years and she knew that I sang for church, weddings, and memorials.”

The competition will take place on Saturday, Feb. 29. Contestants are ranked by live judges, as well as votes that the community can place online. There will be a trophy prize for the first place winner. All of the money that is earned from the competition will directly benefit the students of Navarro and will go towards the funding of future scholarships.

“The money earned is reserved for students in the tri-county area who attend Navarro in the form of scholarships for those in need.  A small portion is used for the Teaching Innovation Award,” Black said.

This will not be Mrs. Black’s first time singing in public, however. She has been singing with her church and other various groups throughout her life. Ever since she was a teenager, she has gotten opportunities to sing at family gatherings and church events.

“I started singing in public at church when I was a teenager,” Black said. “ I always sang with children’s groups through church.  My dad also had a band on and off and played guitar and piano, so I sang a lot at family gatherings. 

Each contestant of the competition gets one song of their choice to perform for the judges. All of them get to pick the song they want, and have been rehearsing for weeks, preparing themselves for the real deal.

“I have chosen a song by Lauren Talley, ‘I Love to Sing Your Praises’,” Black said. “It is a song I performed at a women’s conference in December.  I chose it because it is upbeat and has a feel-good vibe. There is just a great meaning behind the lyrics.”