Stop The Bleed Training

On February 10, professional Stop The Bleed instructors stopped by the school to provide on-hand basic training to stop extreme bleeding  in order to prevent possible deaths. The training was given to the senior class and held in the auditorium. 

The senior class took it upon themselves to learn new skills and found training helpful. 

“I learned proper techniques and precautions to help extreme bleeding,” senior Francisca Gomez said. “It was very informative and helpful.”

A bleeding injury can occur anywhere, and it was important that students developed how to be immediate responders rather than a witness.

“I hope I never have to use it,” Gomez said. “But I would if I ever need to. Thanks to this training.”

Most seniors who mastered the new skills were excited about possibly using it in their future.

“It was good and exciting,” senior Brooklyn Thompson said. “ I believe I could use it in my future.”

 STP instructors taught students live—in person, using training materials specially developed to teach bleeding control techniques. Having on-hand training made the experience more valuable to the students. 

“I learned valuable life crisis skills in case of an emergency,” Thompson said. “I’m glad we had the opportunity to train with professionals and physical representations.”