Athlete Q&A: Zi’kieria Jones

Samantha Estrada, Staff Writer

Q: Why do you like playing tennis?

A: I enjoy playing tennis because, in simple terms, it’s fun. Playing a good game back and forth is just invigorating.

Q: Which tennis player do you look up to the most?

A: The tennis player I look up to the most would have to be Coco Gauff. She is only 15 years old making her the youngest tennis player ranked in the top 100.

Q: What are your plans after high school?

A: I do not have much planned after high school concerning tennis. When I graduate I want to attend HBCU, live my life and have as much fun as possible.

Q: What is something you would like to tell younger athletes?

A: One thing I want to tell younger athletes is simply to believe in yourself. It does not matter if you have never played before, or you’re not the best yet. If you like the sport, develop a passion, work hard on it, and above all have fun. The rest will follow.

Q: What do you do when you’re not playing tennis?

A: When I’m not playing tennis I run and do light workouts. In most of my downtime, I like to take pictures for my photography class or enjoy time with family.

Q: What made you decide to play tennis?

A: My biggest push towards playing tennis was my friends. I would play around with them before practice but never decided to actually play. Once the season started I just decided “why not”.

Q: What have you learned so far from tennis?

A: Tennis has taught me to relax sometimes and control the speed of my game. It has taught me to keep my head on a swivel and be ready to move at any time,  it is ok to sometimes swing and miss. I carry these lessons through my everyday life.