Teague Mariachi Band advances to State

The Teague Lion Band once again proves their hardworking status and dedication to fellow competing bands. They came home from the UIL competition with a solid sheet of straight ones, while only on their second year of being their own mariachi band, and will go on their second trip to state on February 22.

While there was a lot of steep competition, and other competitors with hard-working students, there is no other sound that can carry out quite like the Teague Mariachi Band.

“The process once we arrive is pretty simple, we get our uniforms in order, tune our instruments and go over the music at least one time to refresh ourselves. Then we perform and leave,” senior Kolby Kennedy said.

Only one mariachi band in Texas will advance, and while students are confident in their great abilities and determination to win, that doesn’t stop them from putting in any extra elbow grease and practicing whenever they get the chance, no matter how well they think they might know their music.

“The competition consists of all the region qualifiers, and we compete with ourselves rather than other schools.” junior Hayden Isbell said. “If we continue to stay focused and put in as much work as possible, we will have it down to a T.”