Will traditional journalism test time ?


Trevor Farris

Newspapers, magazines, and other paper products all seem to be on a steady decline. For many years paper sources have been the go-to form to keep up with news and updates. Is the paper era really coming to an end? Can electronics really replace paper reports?

    In a brief description, electronic journalism includes bloggers, news cites, or citizen journalists. There are many other forms of online journalism that are on the rise. Many people will argue with you the fact that paper is going extinct. Statistics are starting to prove that a majority of people don’t have time to get paper news and find it much more convenient to have it on electronics. There are many positive attributes that online journalism possesses. Convenience is one of the top factors that benefit people. Not using as many physical resources is another great factor and benefits the environment also. Nearly two-thirds of millennials and younger generations use mobile devices for news.

    While many people hate the fact that the paper era is ending, many have to accept that electronics are our future. To stay up to date we must strive to further our technical ability in journalism.