Tractor Mechanics team plows to state

Tractor Mechanics team plows to state

Andy Miranda, Staff Writer

After plowing through the area competition on January 23, the tractor mechanics team earned a spot at the state competition to test their knowledge on tractors. The team consists  seniors Jackson Black, Ross Smith, and Kade Kimball

The first part of the competition consists of a 100-question tests, all true or false questions.

“The test is the hardest part,” Black said. “One word you overlook can lead you to getting the question wrong.”

The test also has questions about hydraulics, engine components, and electrical systems pulled from textbooks. The second part is a components test with only five questions, ranging from identifying the parts to identifying the function of the parts. Finally, the last part is physically debugging a tractor and fixing it to work. The test and the components are timed at an hour and the debugging is timed at 30 minutes.

“Debugging is the easiest part of the competition,” Kimball said. “It’s all hands-on and I feel like this is easier for all of us because we look for the problem and fix it.”

Although they have passed through one of the obstacles in their path, the State competition will be a little bit more challenging: They will have to compete against schools from every corner of Texas, disregarding the size of the school.

“The size of the school doesn’t matter in FFA competitions,”  Ed Strange, ag teacher and coach of the tractor mechanics team, said. “We will be up against 6A schools that have up to 6 teachers teaching a specific thing.”

Knowing what they are up against, these students face their challenges head-on. Studying past exams and taking tests on what they struggle with every day is their way of preparing for this competition.

“We are taking tests every day because we know that’s our weak spot,” Smith said. “Although we’ve made it this far, we’ll continue to do our best and do better than what we did last time.”