4 Reasons to watch Netflix docuseries ‘Cheer’


Samantha Estrada, Staff Writer

If you want a show that will have you amazed, joyful, sad, surprised, and scared all at the same time, watching the six-part docuseries ‘Cheer’ is the way to go. The show follows the journey of the Navarro College cheer team, located in the small town of Corsicana Texas, as they prepare to uphold the college’s winning streak at the national championships. However, the show is so much more than competitive cheer — it is about strength, loyalty, dedication, and most importantly family. 

These are the reasons why you should watch ‘Cheer ’:


  1. It shows the real struggles of competitive cheer


A lot of people think that competitive cheer is easy. They think that because the performance is only a few minutes long and that no time or effort is put into it. However, the show proves those people wrong. Throughout the series, you will see countless practices. These practices last several hours and the Navarro Cheer coach, Monica Aldama, wants perfection. She expects her team to give it their all and they do this by putting in countless hours of time and dedication. Cheer is a dangerous sport and the show shows this when multiple cheerleaders get injured. You will see the cheerleaders excel,cry, laugh, fall, and then get back up again.


  1. It shows that dedication is worth it 


For the national championships, Aldama can only choose 20 people out of the 40 people on the team to be on the ‘mat’, which is who will perform in the national championships. Jerry Harris, one of the cheerleaders on the team, is a perfect example that dedication pays off.  At the beginning of the show, when Aldama chooses who is on the mat, Harris is not one of the chosen ones. Harris gets bummed about it, but he does not let that bring him down. He goes on to encourage the members who made mat from the sidelines. He decides that he really wants to perform at nationals, so he gives it his all. He puts in the hard work and does all he can to meet Aldama’s expectations. Aldama puts him on mat and he goes on to perform at nationals. Seeing Harris make mat will have you cheering him on at home.


  1. It shows the cheer members’ personal experiences


Watching the show will have you feeling a special bond with the members. It will make you feel as if you have known them your whole life and as if they were your best friends. The show goes more into the depth of the lives of Morgan Simianer, Lexi Brumback, Jerry Harris, and La’Darius Marshall. It shows the struggles that they have gone through in life and how they overcame them. Simianer was forced to live in a trailer with her brother after her parents abandoned her. She then went to live with her grandparents and eventually went to Navarro. Brumback had always been a rebel that made poor choices, but she works on bettering herself. Harris shares how his mother passed away from cancer when he was a teen. Marshall shares how difficult it was growing up being interested in guys and how he felt he had to live up to people’s expectations. All these stories are raw and real. These are things that at times people struggle with in life and it gives people comfort to know someone understands how they feel.


  1. Family does not always have to be blood


The relationship the cheer members have with Aldama is the relationship every mother wants with their child. They see her as a mother figure and as someone they can trust with anything. Throughout the show, you see the special bond she has with the members. She helps them in some of the most difficult times. However, she is also there in the best times. The members look up to her and go to her for guidance. It is a true relationship that a coach and a team should have. The team members share a bond as well and have to trust each other if they are going to work together. Just like all siblings, they fight at times, but at the end of the day, they are there for each other.