Freestone County sees first snow in years

Freestone County sees first snow in years

Lanea Bayless, Staff Writer

Last night around 12 AM, Freestone County saw its first snowflake in years. The temperature dropped to a low 30 degrees Fahrenheit, an inviting temperature for powdery snow.

“The snow was beautiful and I loved it,” senior Meeyah Davis said. “I really wish it stayed around a little longer. ”

The people of Freestone county were met with ice and snow all over their yard, roofs and cars. The ice looked as if it was the lace on a bride’s wedding dress, shimmering in the light. As the day progressed, the warm winter sun slowly started to melt the leftover from the previous night.

“I live in the country, so I got more snow than people in town. It was pretty cool seeing snow for the first since maybe 4th grade,” sophomore Matthew Cox said.

Surrounding areas including Mexia and Groesbeck got the heavy end of the downfall, with more snow and ice.

Local Jeremy Swinburn stated the following on Facebook: “Be careful on the roads if you must travel today. Highway 84 to Waco has slick spots and all bridges are covered in ice.”

Swinburn’s post was met with many responses, including one from Tammy Avant Ramsey which stated: “Bridges and overpasses are not sanded. Shoulders in places were covered in ice! Be careful everyone.”

Many students were met with difficulty making it to school as a result of the white February morning.

“I live in Luna, so I take some back roads to get to school,” sophomore Maverick Lee said. “Some of the roads were really slippery due to the ice.”

The temperatures for the rest of the week are expected to slowly rise, with the lowest being 38 degrees Fahrenheit and the highest being 74 degrees Fahrenheit. For those of in Freestone county, we’re hoping for another snowy night.