Free AirPods! Is it too good to be true?

District offers incentives to students with good attendance

Free AirPods! Is it too good to be true?

Sydney Smith, Staff Writer

As of last semester, our district administration has started offering incentives to help improve student attendance. For students who have zero absences each 6 weeks,  their names will be put in a drawing for a pair of AirPods. Even the elementary school has jumped on board, offering incentives such as a Kindle Fire or free lunch for the winner and five friends.

But the real question is: Have these incentives been proven effective?

“I think our attendance the 3 weeks before Christmas was higher due to the incentives than it would have been otherwise,” principal Tracie Ezell said. 

Student attendance heavily impacts the district. Even though we are often tempted not to, showing up is beneficial to our school. 

“[Attendance] impacts the funding that the school district receives. It also impacts students and their learning. This will be displayed on the school district’s accountability,” assistant principal Stan Jones said. 

According to the administration, the incentives have been effective in our school district. 

“Our attendance was higher in December than originally thought to be due to the illness going around. We have maintained an adequate attendance rate during January. We also think the incentives have helped this,” Jones said. 

It has been proven that these incentives have worked for December and January. At this rate, our attendance should see an improvement in future months. 

“I think the prizes have motivated me to watch my attendance and be at school more,” sophomore Piper Smith said. “The prizes create a fun competition for the students to see who will win them.”