Powerlifters start season with a bang

Powerlifters start season with a bang

Jazzy Torres, Staff Writer

Powerlifting season has officially begun. Our athletes have prepared and were ready to compete at the Elkhart Invitational on Jan. 19. These athletes get to school at 6 AM four days a week, and some of them also have after school activities like band, basketball, softball, work and other things so these athletes usually have very long days. 

Among these athletes is junior Kendall Thompson, who is very excited for this season.

“I feel that it’s going to [be] a really fun [season], and I’m glad I decided to start power lifting again,” she said.

Thompson is feeling a lot more confident this season in comparison to past seasons, but she’s always had a special place in her heart for the sport. 

“It (past seasons) was fun. I wasn’t as strong, but the experience made up for it.”

Unfortunately Thompson was not able to powerlift last season due to other sports she was involved in.

“I decided not to power lift my sophomore year because I decided to play select volleyball, but this year I decided not to play [select] volleyball anymore so I got back into it.”

She is back and better than ever and ready to take on the season, as is the rest of the team.

“I believe that [we] have a very promising season ahead of us this year, we show up and push ourselves to the limit everyday to get better in every way,” said junior Carson Sifford.

Our lions definitely showed how excited they are in the invitational. Terry Reel, Haydon Isbell, Kendall Thompson, and Brooklyn Thompson all placed. We can’t wait to see how this season goes — keep bringing home that gold, Lions!