HHS creates weekly tradition with elementary students

Senior Jenna Isbell poses with some elementary students after reading.

Senior Jenna Isbell poses with some elementary students after reading.

Andy Miranda, Staff Writer

Starting this school year, the Hispanic Honor Society has participated in many community projects, but none of them are cuter than going to greet and read to the students at Teague Elementary every Friday.

The elementary students gather in the gym each morning to do announcements and the pledges. On Fridays, you can see the excitement as the “older” kids wait for them at the door or assist in the carpool line. After the morning routines are completed, the members often go into classrooms and read storybooks to some of the children. This has created a great impact on both the teachers and kids at TES.

“I think it’s great. This is the first year we’ve ever had all the kids in [the gym] each morning [to] do our announcements and our pledges,” second grade teacher Felicia Williams said. ” [On] Fridays we play music, we dance, we get the kids hype and ready to learn. With [HHS] being here and greeting the kids… we love that!”

Williams also says that the HHS members are great role models for her students.

“They need those examples that they can see, not just the ones on TV. Real ones, especially in our school district.”

But not only do the teachers enjoy the high schoolers — the little ones do, too.Two elementary students listen attentively as junior Juanita Medina reads.

“We like that y’all come,” said second grader Andrew Moore.

“And we wish y’all could stay!” chimed in Trace Condren, another second grader.

The HHS members are also positively impacted by the new weekly tradition, even if it means sacrificing a few minutes of sleep.

“I love seeing the kids in the morning!” said HHS secretary Francisca Gomez. “I hate waking up earlier in the morning, but seeing these kids is worth it!”