Parking stickers aren’t the solution


Griffin Prince, Editor

In an effort to increase campus safety and organized parking, the high school administration implemented a parking system that involves students paying for stickers that allow them to park in the school’s parking lots. 

While it seemed like a good idea in theory, the system does not work as it was intended and causes nothing but trouble for students and administration alike.

The parking system was first implemented a couple years ago, when school safety issues began making its way into media throughout the country. With parents and staff both wanting to have a safe environment for children to go to school, they began brainstorming ideas of how to increase campus safety. That is where the plan blossomed to have students pay for parking stickers, so staff has a better idea of who is at the school during the day.

In the beginning, the plan seemed to have no downsides. It would keep students responsible for being where they are supposed to be and keep them out of trouble outside of school, and it would deter people from being on campus when they should not be. This is where the first issue arises. Why would a parking sticker keep a shooter from coming to campus, when they already have much worse intentions? This is a simple factor that administration did not take into account. 

The next issue comes with having the students pay for their own stickers. If students were each issued parking stickers for no cost, there would be no harm with having an additional layer of security to help out the school. Forcing students to pay a fee to park at the school is unnecessary and just keeps students from wanting to get a sticker. 

If school safety is the biggest concern, then why do students need parking stickers but teachers do not? This is especially true because the teacher’s parking lot is connected to the school building. Surely teachers needing stickers would increase the safety of the school too.

On top of the already stockpiling issues with the system, administration has begun to punish students that have not purchased their parking sticker. This does not do any good, and only has negative backlash. It will ruin the students’ mood and make them want to NOT buy a parking sticker. The punishments are completely uncalled for and ruin the mood of the entire student body.

If the administration wants to protect the school and keep the environment safer, there are plenty of other ways to do that rather than implement a system that is not effective in the slightest. They could add more and better cameras throughout the parking lots, or they could even add gates of some sort that prevent anybody from entering or leaving the school at certain times. 

Another very effective solution would be to give students parking passes that are movable. This would allow the students to not have to put a permanent sticker on their vehicle, and they would be able to move it between vehicles if they had to drive a different car. This would be way easier than the vinyl stickers that are currently being used.

While they had good intentions, the administration has failed at implementing an effective system of school safety. If they could find a more effective system, there would be nothing but positive reactions. Until that day, however, students will continue to complain about the current parking sticker situation.