Athlete Q&A: Sarah Quinn

Lorelai Harrell, Staff Writer

Q: What’re all the sports that you play?

A: I play Volleyball. I help out and manage Softball, I practice Powerlifting and I also do Shot Put/Track.


Q: What’s something that describes you as an athlete?

A: I am a very determined person and I like to make the people proud. I like to be proud of myself so I try to be the best that I can be at everything that I do.


Q: Who is someone, like a coach or other athlete who inspires you and why?

A: Coach Ashley Montalvo inspires me with the way that she is always in very high spirits and always encouraging someone to do better. Macy Guerrero is also a very big inspiration to me because she has always helped me strive to reach the goal I want to reach. These people have never given up on me no matter what.


Q: What’s a method that helps you get warmed up before a game?

A: I like to pray with my team before a meet or a game because it lets you know you are watched over the whole time and are protected. I also liked to say a little prayer off to the side by myself. Last, of all, I love to get hyped up and yell with my team a bunch.