Mr. Beast vs Greta Thunberg

Mr. Beast vs Greta Thunberg

India Michael , Staff Writer

YouTube creators may be the unlikeliest of hero’s, but some know how to use their popularity to make a difference. As many might know of the famous YouTuber, Mr. Beast, (Jimmy Donaldson), best known for his 20,000,000 tree-planting movement, most would think that such an outstanding act would earn him something of a “Person of the Year” award. Well, maybe not.

The internet pleaded with TIME to make Mr. Beast 2019’s Person of the Year; but because of his seemingly unimportant reputation as a YouTuber, TIME refused to acknowledge his efforts, and the internet is not happy about it.

Swedish 17-year-old, Greta Thunberg, has spent the past year spreading her message of climate change one stand at a time. While people are supportive of her preaching, the internet is still arguing about which of the two had the most impact and effect.

Many argue that Mr. Beast deserves more credit for all his good deeds and incredible work than he is given. Besides raising 20,000,000 dollars to plant 20,000,000 trees, some of his other acts being giving away houses for free, purchasing an entire grocery store and giving away all of the items, and donating millions to important charities some celebrities wouldn’t even throw a thousand towards, etc. His countless fans state that his videos are more then entertainment, but a smart way to raise local awareness to the failing environment and increasing poverty rates around us.

While all effort is a good effort, the internet’s argument still stands that Mr. Beast’s actions for the community and environment are being heavily ignored, all due to his influence as, “just another YouTuber”.