5 Things for seniors to do during their last semester



Trevor Farris, Staff Writer

1. Start looking for schools

Start looking for schools and narrowing down your choices. Applying can get expensive, so make sure you really would want to attend that school before applying. You need to prepare yourself to make a life-changing decision.

2. Visit schools

If you have the opportunity to visit schools, do it. Visiting schools provide you with a visual of the school and knowledge on all the school has to offer. It will help you decide if you really feel drawn to that school.

3. Focus on grade

Grades are very important. Many seniors often suffer from senioritis and let their grades slip. Stay focused and keep the hard work going. Remember that grades impact class rank, which isn’t finalized until the end of the fifth grading period.

4. Look for scholarships 

College is a very expensive decision. Often times students go into major debt trying to pay for college. Try searching and applying for absolutely every scholarship you can. You might not get all of them but every little amount will help you.

5. Spend time with family and do extracurricular activities 

Make sure every chance you have to spend time with family, take it. Your life is about to change majorly, and being with them will start to fade away. So cherish every moment you can. Also try new things and venture out of your comfort zone. You might discover a new hobby you love.