From the Files: Dec 1943, Dec 2001

Trevor Farris

DEC.  21, 1943




    As the most valuable player of 1943 football team Beasley Terry was awarded the Knute Rockne Trophy by Floyd Faubion, manager of the Star Theater.

    The football Revue was held on the stage of the Star Theater on December 8 at 8:30 p.m. Coach Bill Hancock introduced each player on the team, and Mr. Faubion praised the boys on the record they have made this year and on the excellent teamwork and cooperation shown by every player.

    Beasley played the position of halfback on the team and has been a star player since the opening of the season. The trophy will become his personal property and the silver nameplate will be engraved with his name and title.


Dec. 18, 2001



    The FCCLA is sponsoring two events this December. The annual Toy Drive began on November 28, 2001 and ended December 7,2001. Mr. Wallace’s homeroom class collected the most toys and won a pizza party. Mrs. Waldrip, Mrs. Little, and Mrs. Baggerly won first runner up and gets a coke party. The toys will be donated to Toys for Tots in Freestone County and also to the Baylor Pediatric House in Dallas for the children who can’t be home for the Holidays.

    FCCLA is also sponsoring the Mr. and Mrs. St. Nicholas. Freshmen representatives are Lauren Scruggs and Mark Barger who collected $90.00 Sophomore’s are Brooke McSpadden and Kyle Branter who raised $316.37. Junior’s are Kevin Porter and Jamie Wright with an amount of $173.21. Senior’s are Starla Shea and Adam Luke with a total of $232.73. Student representatives from NHS, Stuco, and FCCLA made a donation of approximately of $1,200.00 to the Stantsbery family for Christmas.