Lemons, Guerrero crowned Mr. and Miss THS


Griffin Prince, Editor

At last week’s football game, the school staff announced their picks for the 2019 Mr. and Mrs. THS awards. The recipients of the award were Travis Lemons and Macy Guerrero. 

This award is given out each year to a boy and a girl that best represent Teague ISD. They need to be caring, respectful, involved in school activities, and be a leader to the rest of their students. Lemons and Guerrero both exhibit these qualities and are well deserving of their titles.

“ The teachers nominated students, and we narrowed it down to the top three students,” teacher Gayle Waldrip said. “ Then the rest of the student body voted for their winners. We picked kids that do well in school, they might be athletic and involved, that are respectful for the teachers. Mainly students that were overall in a lot of activities, because they best represent the district.”

Lemons, the winner of the Mr. THS award, is a starting player for the varsity football team. He is a major asset to the team, and is even more of an asset to the rest of the school. If a student ever needs help with something, or needs somebody to talk to, he will always be there to assist.

“I think that I was chosen because a lot of people know me for my size,” Lemons said. “ I’m just that big dude, or the gentle giant, that’s what a lot of people call me. I’m very friendly to everyone and there isn’t really a group that I don’t get along with.” 

Guerrero, the winner of the Mrs. THS award, is involved in everything from sports to StuCo. Not only does she do great in school, she is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone struggling. If there is a person needed to volunteer for anything in the community, she will always be first on the list.

“I’ve played volleyball, been on student council, won UIL awards, I was even a class officer,” Guerrero said.. “I think I was chosen because I am very well known in the community for being involved with many different activities and I think that is really impressive to most people.”

Despite not winning the award, it is still a major honor to even be considered for this type of achievement. The other nominees for Mr. and Mrs. THS were Cody Fowler, Drew Satterwhite, Hana Wills, and Jaucy Gibson, who all are great students and deserve to be acknowledged for their many characteristics.

“Even if a student was nominated and didn’t win, they should still be very proud of themselves for being a choice,” Waldrip said. “Not many students get the chance to be nominated for this type of award, so it’s a big deal if you were even considered. It’s definitely something to be happy about.”