Six movies you need to watch this spooky season


Lanea Bayless, Staff Writer

It’s October and Halloween is going to be knocking on our door any time now. Watching scary movies is one of the best ways to celebrate the month of all things creepy. You might be thinking, “well there’s so many scary movies out there, what do I watch?” Well fret not, mortal. The Orange and White carefully selected a list of the top classic movies to watch on Halloween 2019.


  1. Beetlejuice

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We all know him. The unfiltered ghost whose name must be three times spoken, unbroken: Beetlejuice. The story of Beetlejuice takes the viewer through a paranormal story created by mastermind Tim Burton, with actors like Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder. This movie is perfect to watch when you’re hyped on halloween candy and soda.


  1. Coraline

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Coraline is just a young girl trying to bring some excitement in her world. However, Coraline finds more in her world that she ever would have expected. From amazing artwork to brilliant storytelling, Coraline has undoubtedly earned it’s spot on this list.


  1. Monster House

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Everyone born from 1998 to 2005 has seen this movie. Monster House notorious for the memes that brought out of it, that devilish house of nightmares with a tongue, and the elderly man who hates millennials. The plot tells the tale of a group of pre-teens just trying to enjoy their Halloween until the abandoned house down the street torments them. This movie is intended for kids but it also has humor for adults, making it the ideal family movie.


  1. Halloweentown

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Harry Potter fans would love this Disney Halloween movie. The supernatural aspects are endless in Halloweentown. Who would have known that grandma was a master of the arcane arts? This movie is full of nostalgia for people who were diehard Disney fans in the past.


  1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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What do you get when you cross star crossed lovers and a transvestite scientists who has a thing for musical numbers? You get The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This 1975 movie can get you boogy-ing down to bops like The Time Warp, and head bobbing to classics such as Sweet Transvestite. Watch out, parents, this movie may be a little too risque for the younger ones, so let’s keep this movie a secret between the adults and the older kids.


  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

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One of the most famous movies on this planet is The Nightmare Before Christmas. Everywhere you go is Jack Skellington merch blasted on babies and emo girls alike. The movie delightfully blends Halloween and Christmas, rightfully disregarding Thanksgiving, as it should be. The best thing is that this movie can be watched in October AND December. Memorable characters like Jack, Sally, the Boogeyman, and so many more in this vivacious ensemble splatter the screen in song and dance. This show is ideal for the family, so bust out the popcorn and spooky treats and watch this Tim Burton classic