Band marches to Regionals, earns straight 1s


Griffin Prince, Editor

The Lion Band went to McGregor High School on October 23 to compete at their regional competition. They were able to come home with straight 1s and will go to  the area competition on Saturday.

During regionals, the band competed against 14 other bands, all of which were trying to advance to area as well. A total of 6 bands were able to advance to area, and will compete against the Lion Band for state.

“I think that we did very good. There are only some very minor details that we need to fix, but I’m sure we have a really good shot at going to state,” drum major Francisca Gomez said.

The competition was very rigorous, against both the other bands and the elements. Not only were there many talented bands that were also performing, but the weather was not very comforting either. 

“The weather played a big part in our performance. There were a lot of underclassmen who were not experienced in difficult weather conditions, and the wind started to drown out our sound and mess up our plumes,” senior Andy Miranda said. “I am very proud of the band and my section because we stood firm through tribulation and we pulled through.”

The Lion Band is going to perform at area competition on Saturday, October 26. They will compete against 23 other bands, and out of those, 10 will advance to area finals. Out of those 10, only 4 bands will advance to state. The competition is tough, and there are many bands who deserve to go to state, although none deserve it as much as the Lion Band. 

“I am positive that we have a good shot at making it to state. We definitely are better off now than we have been in years prior,” twirler Keeley Wright said. “As long as people focus and do what they know they are supposed to do, we will do just fine.”