From the Files: October 2019

From the Files: October 2019

Lanea Bayless, Staff Writer

October. The month of falling temperatures, auburn leaves, and Halloween. October is loved by all across the world, and this edition of From the Files takes a quick delve into THS’s history during this month.


Hallowe’en Carnival is Planned

October 30, 1942

Beginning late Saturday afternoon, October 31, the Teague (white) schools will conduct a Hallowe’en Carnival on Main Street to furnish amusement for the people of Teague and surrounding communities on that date.

The O.M. Roberts P.T.A will have charge of a country store where one will find canned foods and other groceries that are needed in the home. The seventh grade will give away a cake to the lucky ticket owner. This cake will be given away at 8:00 o’clock Saturday night.

The high school P.T.A. will have a booth, where peanuts and pop-corn will be sold. The Junior Woman’s Club will give away a fat turkey, and the B. and P.W. Club will have a fortune teller at hand for those who would like to have the future predicted. The Senior class will conduct a penny arcade, and the Junior class will deliver a basket of groceries to the person who possesses the lucky ticket.

Hallowe’en Carnivals have been conducted for approximately five years to furnish clean amusement for boys and girls on Hallowe’en.


Teague Plays Groesbeck on Armistice

October 30, 1947

Instead of playing on Friday as the Lions have been doing, they will challenge the Goats to a duel on Tuesday, Nov 11, at Groesbeck 2:30 P.M.

For the past three seasons the Goats have come out on the top end of the score. In 1945 the score was 6 to 0 in favor of the Goats.. Last year the score was 33 to 6. You have heard the old saying that you always fatten the victim before you kill him, so we are hoping that all the Goat starters eat a big Armistice Day dinner.


Band Offers Many Trips; Hard Work is Involved

October 24, 1968

Out of class at 1:45. Bus leaves at 2:30 sharp. Should be back home by 2:30 A.M.

THESE are the words that are music to our ears? Well let’s put it this way. Getting out of school OK, going to an out-of-town football game OK, but—- riding on a school bus for four hours! One stop only. Let’s face it kids. Band isn’t the easiest physical education in the world. Are we crazy for taking it? No, not really. You see, most band members are proud just to represent the school on different occasions. Others enjoy playing their horn. Oh, don’t get me wrong! There’s those who set Mr. Ingram’s dandruff on end, but not once has he lost his cool and thrown his little stick at us.

Although participation in the band is hard work, it pays off well. Each year the T.H.S. band is invited to the State Fair in Dallas. There we play a short concert on the Mobil Stage, then at night we march with many other bands in the Torchlight Parade. By the way, sometime soon we are taking a trip to the Astrodome where will march with several other bands as a mass band. That’s right, as one band, meaning singular in form not plural, just singular. Can you imagine being down on the floor.. Oh, excuse me, down on the Astroturf of the Astrodome!

You see, being in band is not so bad. I know our memories of band trips will never be forgotten. Just some of the things we’ve said and done together are a laugh. By the way, a lot of us girls can outdo some of the boys at Gin Rummy, and they taught us!

What will the T.H.S. Band be doing in the future? Why don’t you join and see!