Freshman cross country runner gets the gold

Freshman cross country runner gets the gold

Lorelai Harrell, Staff Writer

Everything turns crazy when it’s time for a cross country meet. With more than 300 athletes from multiple schools, a race to determine the top runners can be hectic.  But, last week at a meet in Elkhart, freshman Mollie Sims beat the odds and won her first gold medal.

Sims has won first place during multiple races in junior high, and has placed fourth and fifth at races earlier this season. This is her first big win as a high school competitor.

“It feels great, but it was very shocking at the same time,” Sims said.

Getting prepared for cross country races are no joke. In fact, track and cross country students practice every day during school, before meets, and even on their own time outside of school hours.

“I normally run two and a half miles after school every day,” Sims said.

It takes time and dedication to strive for want you want in this sport. So far, Sims’s work has paid off, even though she’s fairly new at the sport.

“I’ve been [running] cross country for two years. I started as an eighth grader,” Sims said. “It is a struggle at times, but if you push through it, you’ll be good!”