Season 3 of ‘The Good Place’ is a hit


Lanea Bayless, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again where Netflix releases new shows and new seasons of pre-existing shows. While we await for the classics like Big Mouth, Disenchantment, and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to come back with new seasons this fall, The Good Place released it’s third season earlier this month.

For those who aren’t caught up, here’s the rundown: Eleanor Shellstrop, who lead a less than desirable life on Earth, died and went to heaven, also known as “The Good Place” — only it wasn’t really all that good. It was actually “The Bad Place.” Eleanor and three other humans are placed in a Good Place imitation chamber, built by Bad Place architect, Michael, so that they can torture each other without even knowing it. Anyway, thousands of years have passed in the show, and now here we are.

Season 3 starts starts with Eleanor and the gang back on Earth, unbeknownst to their time in actual Hell. If the group gets enough “good points,” they can go to the REAL Good Place.

This season is probably the best thing that The Good Place producers have brought to the table so far. They have enhanced the character development of Eleanor, Chidi, Jason, Tahani, Michael and Janet, more screen time for The Judge and Shawn, and amazing new characters like Jeff the Doorman, who has a weird love for frogs.

The new season also has some of the best jokes and gaffs The Good Place has ever pulled. Witty puns, hilarious references and laugh-out-loud worthy humor had my best friend and I crying and laughing on the living room floor.

Relationships also seemed to be a big focus of the third season. Eleanor got closer with her mother who faked her death to live a better life, Janet comes to terms with her inner feelings for Jason as Jason and Tahani get closer, Jason helps his dad, Donkey Doug, and his best friend, Pillboi, become better people. Tahani and her sister, Kamilah, finally make up after years of competition, and Eleanor and Chidi explore their long-awaited romantic relationship even further. 

This season was met with a tear-jerking ending that relapsed all of the moments and memories from the entirety of the show, while also hinting at info for the final season, season 4. The Good Place has always been one of my favorite shows, this season is the cherry on top. It’s by far the most advanced season in terms of humor, character development, acting, plot, and cinematography. The Good Place can only go up from here, which leaves me and so many others excited for season 4.