Senior Spotlight: Nayeli Bernal

Senior Spotlight: Nayeli Bernal

Samantha Estrada, Staff Writer

It all started with one girl asking senior Nayeli Bernal to do her makeup for school picture day. At first, Bernal was unsure because she did not think she had the expertise, but she finally agreed after the girl’s continuous pleading. What originated as hesitation turned out to be the discovery of a talent. Now, if you were to walk in the girls’ bathroom on picture day, you would see Bernal in front of the mirror, helping several girls with their makeup.

Although Bernal is very talented at doing makeup, and it may seem that she has done it all her life, she was actually not allowed to wear makeup growing up.

“In Hispanic culture you are not allowed to wear makeup until the age of 15. I remember the day right after my quinceanera, I immediately began to practice doing my makeup,” Bernal said. 

Bernal was not taught how to do makeup. Instead, she learned by merely observing other talented people who inspired her. However, she likes to put her own twist on others’ looks.

“I grew up with cousins who love to do makeup. It made me interested in how different makeup can make someone look. From there, I began watching YouTube videos and began learning more and more,” Bernal said. “I like how I can mess with colors to create a unique look.”

From senior photos to prom, Bernal continues to be there to help her peers before major high school events.

“Everytime Nayeli does my makeup, I am always left looking exactly the way I wanted,” said senior Cecia Sanchez. “Never have I been left unsatisfied with her.”

Despite being beloved for her talent, as well as having a makeup page and many followers on Instagram, Bernal does not plan to pursue cosmetology as a career.

“Makeup is something that I will always be passionate about,” she said. “However, I see it more as a hobby than a career. I am always willing to do anyone’s makeup if needed.”