5 ways to make someone’s day during Mental Wellness Week

5 ways to make someones day during Mental Wellness Week

Lanea Bayless, Staff Writer

As THS’s first-ever Mental Health Week continues, keep some of these tips in mind.


A large, genuine smile can make someone’s whole day. All you have to do is stretch some muscles and spread some positive vibes!

Use someone’s name during a conversation.

Taking the effort to remember a name and say it in conversation means a lot more to someone than you think it might.

Let someone know your appreciation.

Send a thank you note. Tell someone about a time they impacted your life, because too many people live their lives never knowing how they impacted someone.

Give a compliment.

Something as simple as saying you like someone’s shirt to as intricate as saying you like the way they laugh when they get told a really funny joke, giving someone a compliment gives them a sense of validation and meaning.

Love and care for them.

Watch out for them. No one can live truly alone, because the world can be a dangerous, scary and lonely place when you don’t have a person, which is why for Mental Wellness Week, talk to someone you normally don’t talk to. Tell someone you love them. Just let it be known that they have people who care about them, and that they are safe.