Erasing Comparisons


Dasie Silar

    Growing up in an age of social media, comparison comes as easy as breathing. We see instagram models and beautiful girls come across our twitter feed. We see famous people plastered on tabloids and reality TV shows but here’s the real inside scoop: social media and broadcasting can be just as toxic as it is helpful because, it can lead to a rabbit hole of self doubt, and a world of troubles when the malicious sides of our subconscious comes into play.

    Recently, I was talking to a close friend about life and she confessed that she often struggles with being happy with herself and that she frequently compares herself to other girls. In my opinion, my friend is beautiful, and an amazing person inside and  out. She has a huge heart, and is always one of the prettiest people in the room. I of course hyped her up and told her she was insane, but the whole situation got me thinking. Why do we compare two different types of beauty? You wouldn’t compare Niagara Falls to the Grand Canyon so, why compare one human life to another? Both the waterfall and the canyon are amazing feats of nature, but are entirely different, humans are the same in this way because we too are a piece of the puzzle on planet Earth.

    Each person is created differently and have different physical and mental characteristics that make each of us, us. We are brought up in different ways, and under different circumstances. Even identical twins have subtle differences that make them two completely different people. Despite these differences each person stumbles upon the issue of comparison atleast once in life. We do this, because the world tells us what is beautiful and what isn’t. Twenty years ago, the idea of beauty was a lot different than it is today. Today women are expected to be perfectly made up, have long flowing hair, tiny waists, and a “perfect” body. A person must also be completely put together on the inside and have no flaws concerning mental health. In reality, there is no such thing as a perfect person. There is such a thing as a photoshopped body, and a facetuned face though.

       In a world that tells us what’s wrong with us why do we continue to pick the option of talking down on others? If the Instagram comments, the magazine covers, and the commercials on TV can tear us down why is it that we continue this pattern of destruction with our mouths? Why do we choose to talk and gossip about Lucy’s hair and Debbie’s outfit? Doesn’t social media judge us enough already? Human nature is to strive to be the best. Not the best version of you but the best of anyone. This trait is toxic. There isn’t such thing as a “best person”. There will always be a best you though. So strive to be the best you. Don’t try to look like the celebrities in Hollywood. Some of them paid for their faces. Be amazing, and be extraordinarily you every single day because that’s the best anyone can do. Let’s leave comparison in the past and push onward to just being the greatest versions of ourselves everyday. Confidence is beauty and brokenness is strength.