What Makes a Good Student

Camryn Olivarez

Being a student is easy but being a good student can be challenging. A good student works hard, ask questions, pays attention, and is always prepared. Are you up for that challenge?

You want to work hard for your future. You want to work hard for something that will lead to happiness or success. Hard work teaches discipline and determination and that’s good to have throughout your life. When you’re a student working hard, you’re constantly improving your skills. You become more efficient in everything you do.

Hard work doesn’t come naturally, that’s why it’s called work!

Asking questions can help you understand the content. Never be afraid to ask questions because it will only better yourself. Being unsure about something isn’t always a good feeling. You want every detail you can get to help you get further in whatever you’re doing. Asking questions is the most effective way of learning.

Giving all your attention to one thing can be hard but it is possible. Paying attention to the big things are important but the little things that lead up to it are more important. Consider all the steps you may have to take or all the words you have to learn and you are on your way to being a good student.

Being prepared betters yourself reduces stress and anxiety. You feel as if you have everything in control when you’re prepared. Being prepared helps in any situation. For example, school projects, assignments, or an upcoming test. Also, you should be prepared for situations outside of school such as a fire occurring or even someone needing help and can’t do it themselves. You need to prepare yourself for an upcoming event if you are able too.

If you are wanting to be a good student I dare you to try this challenge. To some, it may be easy and if it is, strive to be a great student. Whether it’s hard or not, never settle. You mind as well just go all out and then some.