Top Five Best Marvel Movies of All Time


Griffin Prince, Staff Writer

With the release of the cinematic powerhouse “Avengers: Endgame,” there are more people than ever before joining the Marvel fandom. This can be a bit overwhelming, however, and with over 20 movies throughout the MCU, it can be hard to know where to get started on your journey of becoming a die-hard fan. While it is solely a personal opinion, most people can agree that some Marvel movies are better than others. For this reason, these are the five best Marvel movies in the MCU.


5. Iron Man– The movie that started it all, Iron Man was the first Marvel movie to release and completely changed the superhero movie genre. Not only does this movie bring Robert Downey Jr. back into the game, but it also set the scene for what would become one of the greatest franchises on earth.


4. Captain America: Civil War– This movie was completely filled to the brim with action, story, and emotions. Civil War has probably the best action-to-story ratio out of any Marvel movie, and it was the first movie to introduce the new Spider-Man. Everyone knows that Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man and he should be considered a national treasure.


3. Guardians of The Galaxy– Guardians has everything that a great movie needs, an awesome soundtrack, plenty of humor, lovable characters, a new visual style, and the list goes on and on. This was the first movie to introduce the Guardians and gave us a whole new glimpse on the MCU as a whole. It was also the first movie to show off Thanos, possibly Marvel’s greatest villain of all time. Everything about this movie is amazing, and there are only a handful of movies that could ever surpass this one in enjoyability.


2. Avengers: Infinity War– Deemed one of the most ambitious crossover events in film history, Infinity War definitely earned this title by providing fans with an emotional roller-coaster of a film that left the entire world shocked to the core. There were more superhero movies in this film alone than there are in the entire DC universe, which just shows how large of a movie this was. Infinity War was surely a film to remember and one that will go down in history.


1.Thor: Ragnarok– After two very bad Thor movies, Marvel seemed to redeem themselves with this gem of a movie that has been named the greatest film in the MCU. Ragnarok has everything that the perfect movie needs, it has wonderful music, a deeply captivating story, plenty of action that leaves the viewer begging for more. There was no way that this movie could be long enough, it could go on for days and still be enjoyable. Ragnarok allowed itself to fall perfectly into place with the rest of the MCU and was instilled into the lore behind the franchise and left a taste in viewers’ mouths that had never been known before.