High School Regrets


Becca Davenport

There’s a song by Luke Combs and it states, “Don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone and you’re out on your own all you want is what you can’t get back. Once you let it go, then you know what you have don’t hold a candle to what you had.”

When you’re a senior all you think about is finishing the race and when the finish line is finally insight you start to think back. To look back on the last four years of memories. Hopefully, you’ll be pleased with what you see, but for some of us, we regret.

Personally, I do not regret the things that people said I would. For example I do not regret rushing high school along, in fact, I still am rushing it.

This is what I regret:

Thinking that High School would be the place where I would fit in.

High School is very cliquish, especially in a small town. Fitting in is almost impossible. The good thing is High School is most definitely the place to stand out. Don’t try to force yourself into somebody else’s mold be you

2. Being Antisocial

During most of my high school years, I was the person that would not talk to people because I was afraid I would say the wrong thing and people would not like me. This year, my senior year I learned how to actually talk to people. It took my safety blanket of friends graduating for me actually to go out there and get friends. To my shock, It was not as hard as I was making it out to be. I just had to listen to everyone around me saying just be yourself.

3. Letting Other People’s Problems Affect Me

This is probably one that I regret the most. I’m not someone that likes drama. However, through the years I found myself laying in the middle of it all. Not because I was actually in it, but because I legitimately would carry other people’s burdens. Which is not healthy at all. I have been told on many occasions that there is a difference in caring and caring too much.

All in all, the moral behind my regrets is to just be yourself. You are unique. You are an individual. Do not wait until your senior year to be yourself. I could go on and on with these cliche sayings, but they all boil down to the fact that you are born for two things; praising God and being you while doing it. He did not make you be someone else he made you be you.