General Saving Tips

Jazmin Morales, Staff Writer

There are many easy ways to save money without even realizing it. Too many people work too hard for their money, make it work for you.

  • When you’re at a restaurant getting a beverage, get water. Water is healthy and free. No need to pay almost $3 bucks for a drink every time.
  • Before shopping, always look up coupons at that particular store. In-store or online, there is always some sort of discount. Search for them.
  • Coins. Many people do not care for them. If you save them for a long period of time, you could get up to an easy $50 bucks.
  • Don’t use coin star. Roll your money up and take it to your local bank. Free of charge and they will give you exact cash. Coin star will take out about $10 bucks. Imagine going to coin star ten times in one year because you did not want to count the money yourself, you could have saved $100.
  • Create a savings account, most people tend to spend cash easily.
  • Check on your subscriptions. Do you really need that Netflix account you hardly watch anything on?
  • Avoid debt. Save money and use that money to pay off your debt. You cannot have financial freedom if you are buried in bills and debt.
  • Buy what you need, not what you want. Do you really need that new iPhone XS Max that just came out?

America is living in debt. People think debt is normal and it’s okay to be in it. You can be the change.

  • Build an Emergency Fund
  • Save Up a Down Payment for Your Home
  • Start Contributing Regularly to Your Retirement
  • Start Investing Establish the Habit of Saving Money
  • Strive for financial freedom

No matter how old are young you are, you can save money and make a change.