A Note On My Time In Theater


Henry Johnson, Best Writer

On Wednesday, April 3rd, the Teague Theater performed their show, “Silent Sky” at area contest. They sadly did not advance and was placed as alternate to Region. The Theater will be holding the last performances on May, 3,4,5 at the Teague Auditorium. The performance times are 6:30 for the 3rd and 4th while the performance on the 5th will be at  2.


A Note On My Time In Theater

I was an actor in that show and I was heartbroken, still, am. This was the culmination of my four years in theater, the program which I have dedicated my life to. This is the show that helped me achieve a personal goal of mine, to win Best Actor. The people that, despite all odds, put a show together that will last beyond our final performance. Going through a director within the first semester of the year does not bode well for any competition.

Over these past four years, I have changed so much as a person; from my first year as a scared freshman who didn’t know anyone and who was so overjoyed when he realized how amazingly accepting the people of theater were, all the way to the senior who just pretended to know what he was doing so he would seem confident. But what never changed was the spark of joy I felt when I performed or saw a performance.

When I first entered the program, I did not know that I wanted to do this as a job. I just thought it looked fun to parade around flamboyantly on stage, this of course was an early indication of certain things. Like my love of musicals. I was immediately swept up in the majesty of it all. The endless hours of work it takes to put on a show, the bonds you form with your cast, and the sadness that comes from the seemingly unfair loses. The sorrow was certainly sweet, but I wouldn’t change a thing about it.