What’s Poppin’ in StuCo?


Mychal Shed, Staff Writer

The StuCo Gazette

Hello, my good readers of the Orange and White News; I come in peace. What has it been…. 2, 3 months since we’ve last met? Please forgive me for the inconvenience, I can’t believe I was ACTUALLY gone for so long – we have A LOT to catch up on, but that’s a story for a different day. Today, I have to talk to you all about our State Student Council Convention that is coming up in T-minus 6 days!!!

The annual Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC) hosts a conference inviting every Student Council in the state of Texas to come to celebrate accomplishments, elect officers, and attend sessions on leadership and student council issues. This year the convention is April, 14th-16th and as always it is hosted at the Arlington Convention Center & Sheraton Hotel. Opening night begins on Sunday around 7 pm. This is the general session where all 5,000+ students, as well as advisors, are all together in one room having a blast! Now, I will admit that a good number of tears are shed at this session but hey, it is for a good cause believe me. The guest speakers are always inspirational and real and they often touch the hearts of many students with their words. The general session normally is adjourned at 10 pm; however, sometimes the sessions do carry over time. When this happens the following act that occurs is often a stampede of students, advisors included, rushing for the doors to grab a bite to eat before everything closes!

The following day is considered the most fun for most students. The day consists of meetings, special guest speakers, table talk sessions, and numerous other activities. The day is full of life and projects of all sorts, yet everything is cut short on day 2. Oh, you asked, why? Well, the reason for this is simple… WE ALL GO TO SIX FLAGS THAT AFTERNOON AND STAY UNTIL CLOSING TIME! TASC rents out the entire park and allows Student Council students and advisors to enjoy our time without having to wait hours and hours in line for a single ride!

The next and last day is the saddest – it is the day we all have to leave! The closing session is way too short and the memories we made in our short 3 days flood in way too fast. For the seniors, the memories of our past experiences begin to flood as well and it causes for a not too pleasant scene of tears. This student council convention, in pasts years, has been truly amazing. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for TASC! I’ll be back in 2 weeks with an update for you all for sure. Until next time my peeps, stay blessed, and stay true to you! One Love.