Netflix Shows to Binge Watch

This past weekend was a very gross and rainy weekend and I spent the majority of it binge-watching Netflix. I compiled a list of some of my favorites as well as shows and movies that are popular at the moment. You are welcome to use this a guide the next time you are planning to have a binge-watching party by yourself or hey, maybe even with friends.


The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann


This Netflix original is a docu series about a three-year-old British toddler who went missing during her family’s holiday in Portugal in 2007. The show takes you from the beginning to where the investigation is now. It gives you a look at every point of view on the disappearance and shows all the twists and turns that you would never expect.


Queer Eye


Okay so here’s the deal, I could go on for days about how good this show is. But for sake of keeping this short, here is a summary. During each episode you follow the “Fab Five” and a person who they are making over. This show will make you laugh and happy cry the entire time you’re watching it. I finished all three seasons in 4 days, so it is definitely binge watched approved.




“You” was originally a Lifetime show but soon after becoming available on Netflix, it became a Netflix original. It is about a bookstore manager who lives in New York, Joe Goldberg, who quickly falls for a customer in the store, Guinevere Beck, who is a college student. Joe becomes obsessed with Beck and will do whatever it takes to make sure he never loses Beck. This show was absolutely crazy and that is why I enjoyed it so much. I’m not giving any spoilers for this one, you have to experience all the plot twists of this show on your own.


Gossip Girl


So, apparently I had been living under a rock and had never watched Gossip Girl before this year, which was a huge mistake on my part. Gossip Girl is about a group of friends from New York who live on the Upper East Side. They’re filthy rich. As you could imagine this causes them to be in many New York scandals. I am currently on the last season and I do not want the show to end.