How to Prepare For The STAAR Test


Griffin Prince , Staff Writer

With the end of the year approaching quickly, many students have found themselves stranded at the shore of the STAAR test, with nothing to use to prepare. Students all around the state have different ways to prepare for tests, some more effective than others. These are the best ways to prepare for your STAAR tests.

First of all, make sure that you’re taking enough time to study and actually learn the knowledge that you need to know. This sounds obvious, but this is the step that many students find themselves missing the most. Research has shown that only 63% of high school students regularly study for their tests. Studying does not only make sure that you learn the content, but regular studying also makes sure that you retain the information. This is vital for STAAR tests, which requires remembering things from all throughout your school year.

Another thing that can help students prepare for their final exams is getting a good night’s sleep beforehand. Getting a full eight hours of sleep the night before your test can have a major impact on your performance the next day. Sleep is needed to reach your full potential for anything in anything in life, and testing is no different. In fact, being well rested is more important academically than it is physically. Your body can perform under intense situations due to adrenaline, but your brain needs the rest to function properly.

Sleep is not the only pre-test preparation that is important. Eating a good and healthy breakfast the day of your STAAR test is one of the most beneficial things that you can do as a student. Food is a necessity for performing at your peak levels, so eating a wholesome breakfast can make you perform up to twice as good as you would otherwise. It will allow you to focus more, remember more knowledge, and keep your energy up throughout the entire test.

Testing is one of the most mentally draining tasks that you will have to do as a student, so you need as many benefits as you can get. Being well-rested and eating breakfast, not to mention studying, seem like the most obvious things that you can do, but facts say otherwise. Most children ignore these facts than accept them, and these students are the ones who do not achieve higher scores on their tests.  STAAR tests are likely the most annoying part about school, so there is no harm in making them as easy as possible.