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Less than 200,000 Americans are self-diagnosed with misophonia. Not many people have heard of this disorder nor care about it. The definition of misophonia is basically the hatred of normal sounds that most people would not take notice in. The individuals who live with misophonia normal sounds such as pen clicking, or someone smacking their lips are pure torture for them and will “drive them crazy.” Sounds that may not bother you can be extremely upsetting for them.

In addition to the emotional responses such as anxiety, panic, and rage due to this condition. Studies have found that individuals with misophonia commonly experience a number of physical reactions, including:

  • pressure throughout the body, especially the chest
  • muscle tightness
  • increases in blood pressure
  • more rapid heartbeat
  • increases in body temperature

It may seem like a person with misophonia is telling you to stop something you may think is completely harmful but in reality, they are trying to get you to stop your annoyance before they punch you in the face.

Trying to tell a person with misophonia to “just ignore” their triggering sounds is just like telling a person with depression to ¨cheer up¨ it is just as unlikely to be helpful in that situation.

Nobody wants to see nor hear you chew your gum like a cow anyways.