The Last Hooray!

Mychal Shed

Well well well… this is a message to Teague High School’s senior class of 2019:  If you haven’t noticed we are about to graduate. This is not a drill. This is the real thing! Last week we entered our last semester of high school and to keep it real, I am pretty sure our emotions are all over the place right now. The pressure of finding the perfect apartments for college, and then trying to find a roommate who you can “trust” seeing how you have never met them a day in your life. The pressures of student-athletes all across the nation competing to get scholarships to play their respected sports at the next level. Let’s say you are not taking the college route and you decide to go work. You still have the pressure of trying to find a nice and stable job that will cover the daily needs of adulthood. You get what I am trying to say; these next few months will be filled with anxiety and fear of the unknown… only if you let it be that way. My suggestion to you is this: enjoy the time you have left to the fullest. I am not saying that ‘life preparation for after high school’ is not important; however, what I am saying is this, make your last days, weeks, and months as a Teague High School SENIOR the best days, weeks, and months of your high school years. Make better grades all around, get involved in more organizations, make new friends, go to more school events, go out with your friends more; simply enjoy your last days as a “kid”, because in a few months all that will be over and done with. I am not speaking a miserable life on anyone, but the ‘Good Ole’ Days’ will be no more and adulthood will stare you in the face and take your lunch money… only if you allow it to. In addition to living your best life as a high school senior, I also suggest you work on your adulting duties that are for sure to come in the near future. Tasks such as money and time management, learning how to study, learning how to be on your own, learning how to become an adult. It will not be a cakewalk by any means, but if you start planning right now when the time comes for you to utilize these skills you will be well equipped to handle business! Lastly, but one of the most important pieces of advice I have to offer: Make amends. Take this how you may, but make sure you take it. Whether that be a student, teacher, friend, sibling, parent, whoever; make sure before May 31st, 2019 you enter your adult life without the added stress of ‘High School Drama’. We are about to young men and women entering a world that is already cruel and unforgiving, as the THS Class of 2019 let’s do our part to decrease that negativity instead of adding to it.