Life Isn’t A Fairytale

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Life Isn’t A Fairytale

Becca Davenport

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Let’s be real for a few minutes…


Have you ever watched/read a love story? Have you ever gotten into a relationship knowing this is real life, yet still found a way to expect it to be a fairytale? Have you ever thought that your knight in shining armor will find you and sweep you off your feet?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading.


In this world, young children have been force-fed Disney princess movies, fairy tales, and happy movies where dogs find each other and fall in love. Teens read teen-fiction packed with romance and drama. Young adults watch/read anything Nicholas Sparks. Throw Hallmark in the mix, and we find ourselves staring at a pot overflowing with love letters, hearts, glitter, and happy rays of sunshine.


As a whole, we were and continue to be brought up in a world wherein the end, you will find that perfect person, and everything will be peaches and cream. With the risk of sounding like a realist, this is a load of well… yea.


Nobody is perfect. Relationships aren’t perfect. Life isn’t perfect. No matter how hard the world tries to tell you LIFE IS NOT A FAIRYTALE, and here’s why.


In a true relationship, you will experience many things including arguments and hard times. It will not always be rainbows and butterflies. Believe me, there are good times and there are great times, but that is not what all comes with the responsibility of a real relationship.


It’s truly difficult to understand what a relationship is if you have never been in one or a serious one, so here are the hidden truths about relationships.


  1. When you get in a relationship it shouldn’t be because you’re lonely.


This is the worst thing you could possibly do. If you don’t really have feelings for the person, and you are just saying yes because you want a boyfriend or a girlfriend, that’s wrong. I know it gets tough whenever all your friends are in relationships, and you’re not. However, you can’t just go searching for a relationship. The best things happen to those who wait, so instead of looking and chasing, how about you sit back and enjoy your time being young.


  1. Nobody is perfect.


When you’re in a relationship, you can’t expect the other person to be perfect. Yes, they could be perfect for you, but nobody is truly perfect. The same person who treats you like an angel could also be the same person that easily forgets things. People have their flaws.


  1. Real relationships go through thick and thin.

That being said about people have their flaws, a real relationship will persevere through the small things. Relationships will go through times where life gets too hard, and it seems as if nothing is right anymore. There are hard times. It sucks. However, you can’t let the small things ruin something beautiful. Disclaimer, when saying this that doesn’t mean stay if you are in an abusive relationship, that’s not okay at all. True, real, and good relationships won’t be abusive.


  1. Find YOUR Prince Charming


Yes, nobody is perfect. Yes, there will be hard times. Yes, you will cry. However, there is the perfect person out there for you if it’s God’s will.


All and all, life isn’t a fairytale, and it is wrong for us to try and make it/others something they’re not. However, life is just as full of wondering true things, as it is bad. One second you’re joking around, the next his arm is around you and you feel at home. Don’t be afraid of a real relationship, because you know it will never be perfect, and don’t rush into anything either. A good, healthy, and real relationship will come eventually. So, for now, sit back, relax, and enjoy this crazy rollercoaster.