Do you have Holiday Stress?

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Throughout many years I’ve seen many adults and some students have an immense amount of stress around the time around Christmas time. Students are rushing to keep their grades up and studying for semester exams. Adults are trying to finish up Christmas shopping, working more extended hours to take days off, and trying to stay financially sound. During this time if you have unrealistic expectations of the holidays, financial pressures and making excessive commitments like throwing parties or helping multiple people at once you may experience some of the effects that have a hold on you. Doing those activities can cause an abundant amount of stress that can lead to headaches, overeating, and insomnia. If you have noticed that you are doing those things, then you might have holiday stress. The best way to overcome this holiday stress you need to stick to a budget, plan ahead of time, learn to say no, reach out for help, and take a breather from time to time. Doing those steps, it should be able to calm down the anxiety of trying to make this year Christmas the best one yet. Despite all the effects you may have done if it is not working see a mental health professional to get treatment. The holiday shouldn’t take this big of a toll on your mental health so get help if you need it so you can keep the season cheerful and enjoyable to you.