Something Seems Different…


Mychal Shed

The vibes are different. The smiles are more. And the love is real. What I am referring to is the bond between your 2018-2019 Boys Varsity Basketball team. Although we are not deep into the season, in comparison to last years squad; there is something very different between the two teams. We actually like each other.

Last year was a season of change for the boy’s basketball program. The varsity coach of 5 years left and went on to grow as a coach, and that left coach Hair the opportunity to step up and take control of the ship. To some the change came with ease, to others, it was a tougher adjustment than expected. In the previous season, we were full of talent as well as egos. Everyone felt entitled to something; there was little to no team chemistry; players genuinely did not care, and this lead to turmoil within the team. In the eyes of some we had a good season, however, in the minds and hearts of the players, we felt as if the season was a disaster. We finished 2nd in District with a 10-2 record and made it to the 3rd round of the playoffs. This was not good enough for us. We felt as if we let the city down and that is a feeling that doesn’t go away with too much ease.

We grinded all offseason. Day in and day out. Each day remembering the pain and heartache we felt on Tuesday, February 27th. We used our failure as motivation and we brought the mindset of ‘Unfinished Business’ to this years season.

We came together of the offseason as feelings of pride were put to the side and egos were dropped. We all had one goal in mind coming into this season: to make history. To do what no other team has done in the history of Teague – win a state championship. We agreed it wasn’t about who scored the most points, who had the most assists, or who had the most rebounds; it wasn’t about individual efforts rather than playing team ball. We put our differences away and came together as one this offseason and the same energy followed us all the way to the season. It’s go time now and we are ready to go to war for each other! If you can, come out and catch a few games, we promise the effort and attitude we put out each night will be everything we possibly have to offer. We will play for each other and as a family each night, and as a captain of this team I can assure this! Thank you in advance for your love and support this year as we strive to finish the job this time… for the city.

Until next time remember to stay blessed, and stay true to you. One Love.