Bohemian Rhapsody: Movie Review


Griffin Prince, Staff Writer

“I’ve got to make an impression, darling!” Rock sensation “Queen” went through with this quote from their lead singer, Freddie Mercury. They left an everlasting legacy in the rock genre, and their biopic film “Bohemian Rhapsody” did a great job of capturing this.

The movie starts out with Freddie attending local bars to watch bands perform. It seems as if this is a regular routine for him because his parents ask if he is going out again like this is a common occurrence. After watching a train wreck of a performance, one band is left without a lead singer, a loss of profit from the performance, and ruined faith in the longevity of their career. Freddie decides to take it upon himself to go to the back of the bar and meet the band for himself, claiming that he has been following them around and that he is a big fan of their work. Obviously frustrated, the two musicians are very rude and dismiss Freddie without giving him a proper conversation. Freddie then gave them a sample of his singing, and they were no longer trying to get rid of him, they wanted him to stay and play with them.

Freddie Mercury’s natural gift for singing was nothing to sleep on. He was born with four extra teeth, which gave him much more room in his mouth, that in turn allowed him to have a musical range like nobody else. After people heard Freddie, they always wanted more. After a montage of small gigs and performances, Freddie and his band are given the opportunity to meet with a record company, which can put them on the charts all around the world. The meeting was very short, of course, the record company wanted to own such an amazing band, albeit they were small. They decided on the name Queen, and the rest was history.

The film does a great job at capturing all of Freddie and the rest of Queen’s most amazing moments and all of their times of success. Whether that be Queen’s performance at the Live Aid concert, their first album being created, or when one of their songs hit number one on charts all across the globe, Bohemian Rhapsody did a great job at capturing all of the emotion throughout the characters and had viewers crying, laughing, scared, and joyous.

This, of course, also means that the movie captured all of the sad parts of Queen’s time in the limelight as well. Perhaps the saddest part of the entire movie was when Freddie found out that he had AIDS, which at the time was rarely curable. The lead singer having to tell the rest of his band that he is going to die soon is sure to put some tears in your eyes and make you wonder if someone is chopping onions in the seat behind you. Great dialogue, well thought out scripts, and stellar visual work made all of the possible and then some.

Bohemian Rhapsody did an amazing job at making you feel like you lived during the 1970s. The camerawork and visual effects made the film seem like it was straight out of that time frame, there was grain on the entire screen, blurry spots at different times of the film that gave an unprofessional vibe, and actual vintage props that made the movie feel more alive. The actors also did a great job at capturing the essence of Queen and what they were as a whole. Lead actor Rami Malek did a superb job at the role of Freddie Mercury, arguably the most important part of this movie. He made audiences everywhere feel like they were actually watching Freddie, which is a very impressive feat if you ask me.

Bohemian Rhapsody was an amazing film that anyone who enjoys rock music of any kind should watch. It had amazing actors and great plot development that keeps watchers on their toes the whole film. It is a definite watch, and a great suggestion for anybody to is craving a movie to watch multiple times over.